2019 Draw


Age Group Division Girls Boys
Open / Year 12 Honours OGH v7 OBH v8
Division 1 G12 Div1 v6 B12 Div1 v6
Division 2 G12 Div2 v6 B12 Div2 v8
Division 3 G12 Div3 v6 B12 Div3 v8
Under 17 / Year 11 Honours G17H v6 B17H v7
Division 1 G11 Div1 v6 B11 Div1 v7
Division 2 G11 Div2 v7 B11 Div2 v6
Division 3 G11 Div3 v6 B11 Div3 v6
Year 10 Division 1 G10 Div1 v6 B10 Div1 v6
  Division 2 G10 Div2 v8 B10 Div2 v8
  Division 3 G10 Div3 v8 B10 Div3 v8
    Year 9 Honours 9GH v7 9BH v6
    Division 1 G9 Div1 v8 B9 Div1 v6
    Division 2 G9 Div2 v8 B9 Div2 v6
    Division 3 G9 Div3 v6 B9 Div3 v6
    Year 8 Honours G8H v7 B8H v6
Division 1 G8 Div1 v6 B8 Div1 v6
Division 2 G8 Div2 v6 B8 Div2 v6
Division 3 G8 Div3 v6 B8 Div3 v6
    Year 7 Division 1 G7 Div1 v6 B7 Div1 v7
Division 2 G7 Div2 v6 B7 Div2 v6


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Division(s) Version Deatils
ALL 2 Wednesday Draw added
Coomera Sunday 2 Slight Time change for first and last slots
10B1 9B1 2 1 Sunday duty correction
OBH 2 One Sunday match swapped with one Tuesday match
B71 OGH B111 B102 2 Some changes to Mon-Tue
ALL Version 3's (6 Dec) 3 Sunday-Friday Version
12B2 / 12B3 2 There is no version 3 yet (Previous indication was in error)
ALL Version 5's 5 Complete Draw
ALL Divisions 6 Full Tournament Draw
G8H G9H BOH G112 G103 B71 B123 7 Duty Allocation Corrections (published pm Thursday)
BOH 8 Pool M Definition
Dual Divisions8More Clarity over playoffs